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Adidas F30 Adizero FG

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F30 is an excellent alternative to the more expensive F50 adizero from the same collection. The boot is designed with the same qualities in mind and can definitely be recommended for players looking for something similar, but at a lower price.

The boot is made with the same design as its older brother and is even made with the same Hybridtouch upper. The Hybridtouch material is however slightly thicker than on the F50 boot, but you still get the same brilliant attributes from the leather-emulating material. The Hybridtouch upper has a lower water intake than leather and doesn’t overstretch in the same way, which makes the material more durable. The upper is covered in a 3D grip structure, which gives you the upper hand when performing lightning fast dribbles in both wet and dry conditions. The heel is padded with a synthetic material, which replicates the qualities of suede. This increases the comfort around the heel area and also ensures that you are better protected from knocks and abrasions.

The outsole is furthermore made light and it therefore allows you to accelerate and reach your top speed. The sole is, just like F50 adizero, made with a brand new grip pattern. This pattern is inspired by sprint shoes and has a jagged pattern underneath, which helps you get a better grip on the pitch.


Condition  - Brand New in Box