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Adidas Predator Absolute 'Gold Remake' FG

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After resurrecting the first-ever Predator for its first World Cup-themed release, adidas has gone back into the archives for another special edition. The latest release once again celebrates an iconic Predator from the past, this time one associated with one of the most infamous World Cup moments of recent years.

The gold colourway was last seen in 2006, when Zinedine Zidane led France out for the World Cup final. The game was to be Zidane’s last as a professional footballer, and the boots paid tribute to an illustrious career and, it was hoped, one last piece of silverware. In the end, Zidane headbutted Materazzi with ten minutes of extra time left, and the dream ended there. Not only was that headbutt the end of Zidane’s career, it also marked the end of the road for the all-gold Predator Absolutes.

In bringing back the boots, adidas are hoping that the Predator Absolute gets a second chance, although it’s unlikely any of the brand’s athletes will wear them at the tournament. The silhouette combines the gold colourway with some of the Predator’s signature design touches, including the fold-over tongue and curved SL rubber sections. The design is finished with a modernized outsole, bringing the Predator Absolute in line with adidas’ newest technologies.

The launch of two special-edition Predator remakes in the run-up to the World Cup shows adidas’ renewed focus on the silhouette. The boot, which was first released 28 years ago, is one of adidas’ most iconic of all time, and its influence on modern football is almost unrivalled. Zidane is one of the players most associated with the Predator, and the gold release is the second time this year that adidas has honoured Zizou after releasing a recreation of the Predator Manias he wore as he scored his 2002 Champions League-winning volley.


  • Limited-edition adidas cleats that reintroduce the golden Predator Absolutes that France's legendary captain wore during the famous campaign in Germany, 2006
  • Fold-over tongue and curved SL rubber elements
  • Leather upper


  • Predator Absolute-style forefoot pads


  • Firm-ground split outsole





Condition  - Brand New in Box with Shoebag