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Nyong Boots

Adidas X 15.1 Leather SG

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Cause chaos. Destroy order. Seize the spotlight . Made with an ultra-lightweight X-SKIN upper with NSG for total ball control. X-CAGE in the midfoot gives you stability, and the new X-CLAW stud pattern allows for unbeatable acceleration and unpredictable moves on soft ground pitches.

Its the players you cant predict who change the game. The ones who pull chances out of nowhere. Who cant be caught because their opponents never know what theyre going to do next. The creative playmakers who are always unmistakable and always unpredictable. The mens X 15.1 is the football boot for that player. It has an ultra-light X-SKIN upper for quick moves into and out of the box. The NON STOP GRIP (NSG) texture keeps the ball where you need it. X-CAGE wraps around the midfoot for stability and agility during high-speed cuts and changes of direction. An X-CLAW stud configuration for soft ground helps players manoeuvre the ball around their opponents and keep everyone guessing about whats coming next.



  • X-SKIN ultra-light upper material lets you control the ball at any speed so you can cause chaos.
  • X-CAGE thin, reinforced layers give you the midfoot stability you need for game-changing play to destroy the defence.
  • Synthetic lining for comfort.
  • X-CLAW revolutionary claw stud configuration allows for unpredictable moves and unbeatable acceleration.
  • NSG (non stop grip) outsole
  • Compatible with replacement Soft Ground Studs, Conical Studs and TPU Studs; Replacement studs come in different sizes to suit your needs.


Condition  - Brand New (No Box) with Shoebag