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Adidas X 17.1 FG

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The third generation of the Adidas X silo was released ahead of the 2017 Champions League final with the Dust Storm colorway.
Adidas released the first-ever X soccer boots in May 2015 to replace the discontinued F50 adizero model. Almost exactly a year on, the Adidas X 16 was unveiled - in time for Euro 2016. Another year later, the three-stripe brand released the first-ever Adidas X 17 boots.
Design-wise, the third-gen Adidas X 17 cleats are predominantly white, with a subtle fade towards grey in the rear. The heightened techfit collar of the Dust Storm Adidas X 2017 soccer boots is slightly darker, as is the sole plate, which fades from grey at the back to black at the front.
A polka dot pattern spreads the rear and entirety of the collar section of the white and grey Adidas X 17 boots. Last but not least, large Adidas Performance and X logos sit on out- and inside of the Adidas X 17.1 Dust Storm cleats in bright blue, respectively.
Tech-wise, the Adidas X 17 boots appear to follow a "don't fix what isn't broken" approach. On first glance, differences to the X 17's predecessor, the X 16, are hard to notice and this is confirmed by the tech sheet.
Designed to reduce wear-in time, the Adidas X 17.1 has a techfit compression upper. The laces on the Adidas X 2017 cleats still run through five pairs of loops and the upper has a thin NSG (Non-Stop Grip) texture to reduce slipping. The Sprintframe outsole of the Adidas X 17 boots continues to have an external heel counter, and the stud alignment is unchanged from the X 16 as well.
  • One-piece techfit compression upper
  • NSG (Non-Stop Grip) upper texture
  • Sprintframe outsole
  • 'Chaos' stud alignment
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