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Nike Hypervenom Phantom II 'Tech Craft' FG

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Nike is ready to reveal the next generation of the technologically advanced Tech Craft Pack 2.0, a collection bringing the best of the best. Tech Craft Pack 2.0 is a premium collection of hybrid football boots, that combines the best of Nike’s innovative boot technologies with kangaroo leather. You get the soft responsive touch from the leather, while the technologies ensures top performance due to the revolutionizing K-Fuse technology. By combining expert knowledge with an unstoppable quest for innovation, the future of football has been taken to the next level. Now it is your time to pick your weapon of choice, to accelerate your future and take you to the next level!

The Hypervenom is designed for the attacking player, which booms up the pitch with his deceptive nature. It is the player who with his lethal movement is capable of going in all direction leaving his opponents in the dust.

• Part of the Tech Craft Pack 2.0
• Hypervenom is worn by players like Neymar, Gonzalo Higuaín, Robert Lewandowski and Wayne Rooney

• Hybrid leather upper – weight: 226 gram

Leather upper with the revolutionising K-fuse technology
Unlike the normal boot, the new Tech Craft Pack 2.0 version is designed with an upper made from smooth kangaroo leather. The natural leather gives you an extraordinary level of comfort, while improving the protection. The NikeSkin upper has been completely removed from the frame. Instead the leather upper has been fused together with the revolutionising K-fuse technology. K-fuse is a manufacturing process, where the front part of the leather upper is fused together with the sole plate - without using stitches. The stitches that was necessary can be found on the outside, where they connect the seamless FlyKnit with the ultra thin kangaroo leather. This gives the boot longer durability, an uncompromising fit and a natural touch. As the Hypervenom Phantom II doesn't have an underlying Flyknit part, Nike instead used a high frequency welding technique, to add the iconic Hypervenom texture straight onto the leather upper. The leather upper has been treated with Nike's All Conditions Control technology, that ensures you have full control of the ball - no matter the weather conditions. Furthermore, the boot has been designed with asymmetrical lacing - that allows a greater kicking surface.

Flywire gives you the ultimate lockdown
When Nike developed the new Hypervenom there was no room for coincidence. In cooperation with bio mechanism experts, the Nike designers analysed the foot's metatarsal bones and how they move. What Nike learned was that these exact bones are your foremost tool for taking advantage of your full movability. Therefore, Nike have implemented their Flywire technology in the upper, hereby providing the lockdown needed for optimal stability. The cables have been strategically placed to give your first and fifth metatarsal the freedom of movement needed to allow you to keep your natural freedom of movement.

Dynamic Fit Collar provides the optimal fit
The revolutionizing Dynamic Fit Collar provides you with the feeling of the boots being a natural part of your legs. The kangaroo leather upper fuses completely with the Flyknit and the Dynamic Fit Collar, to ensure no stitching is in direct contact with your feet - to provide a seamless fit. With an updated heel cap, designed with an offset heel stitching. This modification allows for bigger movement and a more natural mobility.

A sole in sync with your foot
The sole on the Hypervenom Phantom II is made with one main purpose; for the boot to work together with the foot. The forefoot has a split toe, to allow the big toe to be in touch with the surface for as long as possible and thereby transferring as much energy as possible into the pitch, resulting in improved acceleration. In comparison with the first generation, the composition of the nylon sole has been made softer, which also increases the effect of the “Split-toe”. In addition, the sole is equipped with two torsion bars - one on the medial side to ensure rapid power transfer from toe to heel, as well as one on the lateral side of the sole to add extra stability.

Weight: 226 gram

This FG boot is made for firm ground surfaces such as natural grass.