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Nike Mercurial Superfly 6 Elite CR7 'Chapter 7' FG

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Chapter 7

The CR7 Mercurial collection has spanned the course of three years and three developments of the Mercurial Superfly. The CR7 Chapter 7: Built On Dreams ties all the collections together nicely by highlighting how the legendary Ronaldo came to be - everything started with a young boys dream. 

Inspired by defining characteristics and preferences of Ronaldo, the CR7 Chapter 7: Built On Dreams, features carbon fiber graphic detailing, multiple number seven call outs, and a colorway pairing that makes the boot look super fast, even while still. 

Ronaldo was discovered, it changed everything. He transformed his body into his most powerful weapon, earning the right to wear number 7. The records and trophies has never stopped coming ever since, and still today he displays a passion for the game that is out of this world. Ronaldo himself claims it is his dreams of bigger achievements that has brought him this far, building a career on dreams and ambitions. Nike is ready to launch the final chapter of the seven part story about Cristiano Ronaldo - accurately named CR7 Chapter 7: Built on Dreams. 

• Chapter 7: Built on Dreams – chapter 7
• Signature collection for Cristiano Ronaldo

• Full Flyknit upper - weight 191 gram

Full Flyknit upper - single piece upper
The upper is made from a single piece of Flyknit, being extremely flexible. It features microtexture for an improved grip on the ball, when moving in high speed. The full Flyknit design covers the entire boot and you foot, following the movements of your foot - creating a feel of a second layer of skin, a truly unique fit and incomprehensible level of comfort. The upper has been treated with NIKESKIN and ACC (All Conditions Control). NIKESKIN is an ultra thin PU layer that has been combined with performance mesh, to allow for a light breathable and tight fit. ACC is an integrated coating that enhances the touch and control of the football, in all weather conditions. The inside of the boot has been lined with high quality material. In the heel area it is lined with suede like material, that ensures an improved lockdown. Perforation in this area also adds to the breathability.

Dynamic Fit Collar for the optimum fit
The Dynamic Fit Collar the sock like material, that covers your ankle. This extension of the boot makes the boot and leg feel like one. You get support and a tight fit, with a minimum of restriction. Thereby enhancing your awareness. The Dynamic Fit Collar is fitted with a pull tab, to enable easy entry.

Re-engineered outsole for superior grip
A thin contoured insole with NIKEGRIP tech, keeps your foot safely in place and enhances cushioning. The outsole is a combination of an internal pebac chassis and a two part external nylon soleplate. The two part external outsole reflects the shape of your feet, placed under your heel and in the front. The internal pebax chassis is engineered to provide the perfect balance of flexibility and responsiveness, and has a 3D pattern that lock down the insole. All this to enable the maximum power output.

Stud configuration for acceleration and deceleration.
In the modern version of the beautiful game, much is decided by your ability to run fast and change direction quickly. But equally important is the ability to stop quickly. Using advanced computing, Nike engineered a new stud configuration. Pressure point and flow of power were mapped, different studs and shapes were tested and analyzed. Eventually Nike came up with the ideal combination of placement and shape. They have been slightly angled for improved grip, both when acceleration and change of direction. Equally effective when stopping.



Condition  - Brand New in Box with Shoebag