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Nike Mercurial Vapor IX AG

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 Neymar, Theo Walcott, Mario Götze, Stephan El Sharaawy and Xherdan Shaqiri may be considered some of the best young players in the world, and they also have in common that they will be wearing the new Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Sunset/Volt-Total Crimson. Hereby we will, for the first time, see both launch colourways get support from the pro's.

 This is quite understandable, as the Mercurial Vapor IX truly captures the essence of speed with a 'mercurial' design. Now on the ninth generation of the world renowned silo, the expectations are still increasing for every new launch, but once again, Nike manages to deliver when it counts. The design is unique, yet it still doesn't compromise the essence of the collection and we can only applaud this achievement.

The upper has been treated with a brand new technology, which Nike calls Speed Control. The special textured surface looks like the surface on a golf ball and the small crevices help to generate increased friction between boot and ball. This combines to give you better ball control and especially when you dribble at high speed, this will give you an increased feel for the ball, thus giving you the confidence to take on chances, that might end up winning you the game.

Nike have kept their ACC-technology (All Conditions Control), that is a sort of compound, that is incorporated into the material, which improves your ball-grip when playing in challenging conditions. In other words you get the same prerequisites in the poring rain, as you would otherwise have on a lovely summers eve. It is also worth noting, that ACC is not just a coating, but that it is incorporated into the uppers material and the effect will therefore not diminish over time.